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 Streets of Tervaas Campaign

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Warning : Streets of Tervaas Campaign Rang5
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PostSubject: Streets of Tervaas Campaign   Streets of Tervaas Campaign EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 1:37 am

The world of Akartha are a dangerous and warlike place. Never does the war end, never does it pause. War wages, families die. But even Tervaas couldn't see it coming. Tervaas is a treacherous city. The dead line the streets, and it is nearly impossible to find somebody who owns a home. Crimes are common, but justice isn't. Despite these atrocities, it is the most beautiful city in Tahmauk Continent, and posisibly all of Akartha. The Jewel of Raz'Torius lies in the middle, a protected place. The Three Councils lie inside. The Justiciar Council deals with crime, and instills Justice. It is overbooked with cases however, and only takes major ones. The second branch is The Branch of Sacred and Sacreligious Affairs. Their job is to instill religion and punish those who do not follow it. The third and last branch is the Office of Elected Custodians. The name lies, they appoint themselves ever since the Guards have failed to control crime. The Custodians appear to run the town in secret, and are very hated. They do not deal in a particular field. They are the killers, the thieves, the ones who act. They come in the night taking criminals in their sleep, the ones accused. Nobody who was not a Custodian has gone through the dark Derelict Halls of the Jewel and returned. Once in a while, the Custodians make mistakes in their kidnappings. To issue public apologies, they hang the bodies of the dead outside their Branch Offices. They are believed to be directly linked to the hated Shadow Council, an outcast and exiled foundation running under the city, in the sewers with the gangs.

Prologue (The Scarred Texts):

Each main character hero can choose between a variety of classes.


MC = Main Character

-Career: Criminal
-Role: DPS
1. Thief (DPS - Passive, Mixed)
2. Assassin (DPS - Aggressive, Offensive)
3. Darkener (DPS - Aggressive, Defensive)
Mathias Durian grew up in the Jewel city as a poor boy who's parents had died to criminals. While classified by city law as an Orphan at his young age, he was never given shelter at the orphanages but left to roam the streets, starving. He is believe to have been responsible for many minor crimes at his young age through which he was no precisely, nor directly, involved. Of the more popular crimes this includes the Rich District Manslaughters (Culprit James Raddison is believed to have been speaking with Mathias beforehand, who influenced him to commit the crime), the Warwich Tavern arson (Which ended up being said to have been an accident), and the suicide of John Ramson. Mathias learned to steal at a young age and murdered unmercifully as his criminal career progressed. He remains as one of the highest criminals on the Guard's list. He is believed ot be part of the Tev-Tar Clan, though no evidence has ever been presented that he is in it, much less that it even exists. Mathias is linked to the recent uprise in crime and the Witch Trials - along with their resulting wars. His influence is believed to have caused the 3 wars that took place across the time period. The Guards use propaganda to get the people ot search for this elusive criminal, such as that he started the War of the Ancients, Wars of Immortality, and the Battle of Roses.

=Battle of Roses=
-History: The Battle of Roses is a crucial point in history of the Southern continents. Many scholars and historians indulge in the story's great many versions in an attempt to get a complete glimpse of the truth. Though there are many stories of the Battle of Roses, the one that is mostly accepted is Arthur Perian's "Battle At Roses." Though Perian is some of a rambling prophet, he has written a story that accounts for all sides in the argument and does not bias towards either side.
-Participating Factions: Roses, The 3 Lords of the Roses, Forces of Falmarch, Forces of Forsmarch, and King Lerimi's Imperial Army.
-Winning Faction: Lord Phadriun, more commonly known as the Roses Regent.
1. King Lerimi's Imperial Army > ~260/500 (There are a maximum and minimum of 500 men in the Imperial Army at one time, but all losses are estimated.)
2. Forces of Forsmarch > Unknown, numbered in millions by lore, a more realistic estimate is 36,000 of the supposedly unrealistic number of 560,000 men present.
3. Forces of Falmarch > Unknown, believed to be similar to that of the Forsmarch.
4. [False] Lord Merian of Roses > Unknown. Murdered during battle, army disbanded.
5. [False] Lord Soryn of Roses > Unknown. Murdered during battle, army disbanded.
6. [False] Lord Tumalian of Roses > Unknown. Murdered during battle, army disbanded.
7. [True Lord of Roses] The Roses Regent > About 8725 of the occuping army of 13,000.
A. Enemies of Roses > Around 75,000 in total casulaties.
B. False Lords of Roses > Unknown, estimated around a number of 3000 perished, 27,000 disbanded.
C. The Roses Regent > 8725
-Information: The Battle of Roses was the breaking point of a heavily fought-over area. The awe of the battle resides in the fact that an area fought over for hundreds of years was won in a single battle, with the winning force at a huge disadvantage. Particularly, Roses was a capital of rivalry. The 3 False Lords fought over it as the Roses Regent sat back and watched his city fall apart, waiting for the time to act. He was disliked by his people, but so were the rest. The story goew that King Lerimi's daughter, Atreme, ran away to the disputed city of Orin to marry a poor farmer. After hours of searching with nothing, the King gave up on the search. In the following days, the lies of a few men and the personal gulliblity of the king led to a series of disturbing events. Many witnesses claim that around morning, soon afetr breakfast as the king was in court, a man, shaded in a dark hood, approached him. The man gave the King a tipoff that his daughter was in Okslo, a town near Orin. The king dispatched his armies and General Rukis Menagree led them across the Skaalvir-Blackrain Country border. The same man who tipped off the king is the nbelieved to have gone to audience at Okslo to warn Duke Ravicus Warner of the approaching forces, claiming it an attack rather than a search mission. The two forces met at Okslo. The surprised king's forces took no heed to Okslo's threats and engaged in the first battle of the war known as The Battle of Roses. After fighting, th Okslo Militian Army retreated to an even farther settlement due to the loss, the settlement of Yakkrein. After searching Okslo with no luck, the forces got another tipoff that the princess had gone with the forces, as her husband was in the Militia. Proceeding to Yakkrein, the army encountered many guerilla groups that hindered them greatly. Upon arriving at Yakkrein, skirmishes arose with the king once agian victorious. They burned the city after not finding the princess, and moved on to Orin. Disgruntled by the forces, Lord Soryn the Bold of Roses ordered all of his troops to Orin in defense. Realizing the threat too late, the king's troops were locked in combat. The general, however, ordered the retreat to prevent losing more men and took a route around Orin to the Falmarch and Forsmarch borders, where a hundred thousand mercenaries were to be waiting, contacted earlier by the king for aid. Instead of returning to Orin, the forces moved on to Roses, where Soryn had evacuated the populace of Orin too. The real battle took place here.

The false lords were ready for the battle, but not smart. It was a perilous task to fight these mercenaries and the king's men. It is in wide belief that on the way to Roses, as they burned the farms, the men actually killed the Princess unknowingly. The

The Bestowers of Justice (One of the Three Councils)
Members: 30

The Maintainers of Religion (One of the Three Councils)
Members: 50

The Custodians (One of the Three Councils: [AKA "The Self-Proclaimed", "Maggots", "Sacreligious", "Those from the Depths of Hell"])
Members: 5 known by name, believed to be hundreds more.
-Accusations: The Custodians have been accused, and proven responsible, for many historical events that deem them shameful. The House Brandeur (Three Council) Murders, more commonly known as the Custodial Massacres, were a short period of purging by the Custodians. In the time, 13 members of the Bestowers were murdered (they were soon replaced after mourning), and 46 members of the Maintainers were taken from their homes. The Maintainers were never seen again, but are believed to have been tortured and starved to death by being chained in the Custodial Loungings. During this period, it is also believe that Captain Arthright, who was noted as a champion in the Tervaasian Civil Wars, along with 8 other guards were murdered after entering the Custodial Chambers. The Custodians also killed 19 of their own members, who later turned up dead on the streets. While the 13 Bestowerds, 9 guards, and 19 Custodians were found dead, nothing was found of the 46 members of the Maintainers. The Maintainers were replaced, but ravaged by Conspiracies and almost fell apart 3 times. The remaining 4 members of the Maintainers died by Arsenic Poisoning a week later, which caused even more tragedy in the Second Council. While it is known that the Custodians had no involvement in the Arsenic, it is commonly used against them. The only Custodian to speak about the affair publicly was Kade Welfringe, who openly warned people that the conspiracies against the Custodians would not go unpunishd and that consequences to "traitors" would not be light.

The Shadow Council
Members: None known by name, a man who goes by Shade runs it.

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Warning : Streets of Tervaas Campaign Rang5
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Character sheet
Character Sheet: Class:Warrior Race:Human Name: First: Rael Middle:*None* Last: Tren Appearance: A Elegant Young Male,Epic Asian Hair(Cool),Looks Fragile(But Actually Tough),Skinny,Perfect Skin,Green Eyes,Will Mainly Wear This Link=http://mangable.com/files/images/logos/noblesse.jpg Lives : In A 2 Floor House,Outside Color: White,First Floor: Dining Room Completely BlueSky With Dots,Cooking Room Looks Like A Ordinary One,Bathroom:Who Cares,Second Floor: Bed Room: Completely White(Even His Bed And Other Crap). Age:18 History:He Was Trained In Fencing At A Young Age,Good At Hunting,Sucks At Fishing,Good Endurance,Good At Running(Not like running away),Other Stuff Ok. He Was Born In A Rich Familly But Left Them To Live A Normal Life,.

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PostSubject: Re: Streets of Tervaas Campaign   Streets of Tervaas Campaign EmptySat Dec 17, 2011 12:02 am

Seems Interesting
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Streets of Tervaas Campaign
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