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Character sheet

 Character Sheet : Class:Warrior Race:Human Name: First: Rael Middle:*None* Last: Tren Appearance: A Elegant Young Male,Epic Asian Hair(Cool),Looks Fragile(But Actually Tough),Skinny,Perfect Skin,Green Eyes,Will Mainly Wear This Link=http://mangable.com/files/images/logos/noblesse.jpg Lives : In A 2 Floor House,Outside Color: White,First Floor: Dining Room Completely BlueSky With Dots,Cooking Room Looks Like A Ordinary One,Bathroom:Who Cares,Second Floor: Bed Room: Completely White(Even His Bed And Other Crap). Age:18 History:He Was Trained In Fencing At A Young Age,Good At Hunting,Sucks At Fishing,Good Endurance,Good At Running(Not like running away),Other Stuff Ok. He Was Born In A Rich Familly But Left Them To Live A Normal Life,.
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