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 Intro to War....

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PostSubject: Intro to War....   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:25 am

"We listened and we heard…We heard the chimes of war….The war is In humanity's hands……For years now we've fought in rage over land…women….money….power…Those days are over….We face a new threat…..The threat thought to be sealed under the world…The Daneira….They were originally elves but went corrupt and went to live under the world after being pushed back by humanity…. Now they finally decided to take the fight to us…. They ran out of resource after a thousand years……. Now we face extinction... We now are close to death…. If someone doesn't stand up upon this day all is lost……"

"You see that I was right! The truth is written in blood!" -Darth Revan
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Intro to War....
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