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 Exclusive news!!!

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PostSubject: Exclusive news!!!   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:21 am

Hello members of warcraftiii.forumotion.com who I know are epic.
I've come to tell you all some GROUND breaking news.
Me and the Development Team recently talked it over and decided that the way this map is. It will have Online and Offline versions of it....
Gonna let you take that in for a moment(lol)
Also the demo version is almost out....

So whats the difference between offline and online versions?
Thanks for asking the difference is. Online versions(Multiplayer) will be more of a WoW like map, with the original GM feature implemented and all that.
Offline version however may not be with other people but will have cooler features since we can do alot more(Like thousands of more quests and other cool things!) Plus the ability that there will be.....The newest groundbreaking monster for the game and a feature about them.....
Dragons... They will literally fly around the skies after you've got to a certain level. So expect to see dragons....Just flying around dive-bombing you and attacking towns. And they will give some nice loot. (Offline version will have a Profession system) One of these items is Dragonscale. Dragonscale can be made to make the best items in the game for warriors. Also offline will have like a cooler item restriction system and so many more. So I hope you enjoy offline RPs because the offline version is where its at...

Also video footage of actual gameplay is almost ready...

But for now....
I give you all the blessing from the Gawds of Loot and wish you the best loot(The Dreaded One Set),

"You see that I was right! The truth is written in blood!" -Darth Revan
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Exclusive news!!!
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