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 Rules for RP.

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Warning : Rules for RP. Rang5
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Rules for RP. Empty
PostSubject: Rules for RP.   Rules for RP. EmptyWed Sep 14, 2011 8:03 pm

Our rules for RP..

Don't you DARE! Do any Sex rp or Racist RP if you do you are out of this site and IP Banned no warning no nothing! I will not take any of that, members if anyone is doing this YOU MUST AND WILL Send me a PM telling me this because if ye' do not I will have no other reason then but to ban you too since you are a acompalish to this diaster. Please do not consider yourself as God or a GM or a DM for these rps only Asip and Steven5201 are allowed that since they are officially DMs,GMs, and Site Gods. Please....Follow these rules and we will have a fun time.



Rules for RP. 805160473
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Rules for RP.
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