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 How to Properly Import Files into the World Editor

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PostSubject: How to Properly Import Files into the World Editor   Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:34 pm

World Editor
Models/Skins/Other files (You can get models/skins from sites like www.thehiveworkshop.com and www.wc3c.net. You can also import music and other files like .tgas, etc)

A model is a stand-alone addition to the original unit visual characters, usually consisting of, but not always, a model (.mdx file), skin (.blp file), and icon (.blp, found on different sections occasionally)

Find the model. TheHiveWorkshop has a guide under each of its downloads itself on how to import it. However, save the model to any folder that you'll remember and open World Editor. The model is most likely either in a .zip or .rar format. Simply extract it using programs like WinZip, WinRaR, and sometimes programs already with the computer. Don't import an .txt readme files or internet files. Import all .mdx files and all .blp files. You do not have to do anything to .mdx files, but some people remove the Warcraft3Imported\ line. Skins (.blp files) will be described in the next section. To get a model working, be sure all skins are in their correct paths and Save, Close, and Re-open the editor. You do not have to do this after each model, but must do it for each model, therefore it is more productive to import everything you want first.

Skins overwrite default models or add to a .mdx files' custom texture. Most .mdx files don't work without their proper .blp counterpart (if they have one.) They usually have a custom path (described in the .readme file of the model or on the website usually. Otherwise Textures\skinname.blp or just skinname.blp are common for .mdx counterparts. For direct unit skins that override in-game models, it is usually the skin of the model your replacing. Go into the object editor and find the model, then copy-paste the bottom "Custom" field's description and add .blp instead of .mdl at the end. To use a skin and it's original model in the same map, see my other tutorial on how to do this. Icons are usually ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons("Disabled" in some cases)\(type)iconname.blp. Cliffs are ReplaceableTextures\Cliff\Cliff(0/1).blp. Terrain tiles are TerrainArt\Tileset\TilesetShortenedWord_Tile.blp (see my complete guide to paths)

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PostSubject: Re: How to Properly Import Files into the World Editor   Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:26 pm


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How to Properly Import Files into the World Editor
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