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 Using a Model and It's Skin in the Same Map

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PostSubject: Using a Model and It's Skin in the Same Map   Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:22 pm

Magos' Model Editor
World Editor
Knowledge of how to import models into the World Editor (If you don't know how, click here for my tutorial on how to import files into the World Editor)
~500 KB of space in your map
A skin to replace a model (I'll be using the Mercenary.blp from TheHiveWorkshop to replace the Bandit model)

First, you want to install Magos and open it. You can play around with it a little bit if you havn't used it yet, but when you're ready click "Windows" -> "MPQ Broswer." Open Wc3.mpq or Wc3x.mpq (depending on if your model is originally from RoC or TFT) and find your model in one of the folders. In my case, this was the bandit. Open the .mdx file. It should now sohw up in Magos, maybe a little wierd. Once again go to "Windows" and then "Textures Manager." Right-click and choose import - import your skin file and exit. Once again "Windows" but htis time "Materials Manager." Replace all of the model's skin paths (other then guts) to the custom skin. You can do this by double left-clicking each "Material" in the "Material Manager." Opening it will reveal 1-3 more materials. Each one of these "Layers" needs to be changed to the custom skin (in this case Mercenary.blp.) Do not change the guts/gutz file's skin or your model's bones will look like the model itself. Save the model. Go back to the texture editor and delete the textures other than guts/gutz and the custom skin to reduce filesize a bit.

Open the World Editor. Import both the saved model and the skin, but instead of setting the skin to its usual path, set it to the custom model's path (It will say in Magos under any of the Material Layers/Textures what the path is, but it is usually "skinname.blp." Save and close your map. Open it and check to see that the custom model you imported uses the skin (Mercenary.blp in my case) and that the normal model uses its own skin.

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PostSubject: Re: Using a Model and It's Skin in the Same Map   Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:25 pm


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Using a Model and It's Skin in the Same Map
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